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New The Dark Knight Rises Poster

It’s easy, we break the Batman!

HD Version @ thedarkknightrises.com


New Trailer for Andrew Stanton’s John Carter (of Mars)

ABC News aired a new trailer for John Carter of Mars, based on the work of Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs. Directed as his live-action debut (if you want to call a CG filled movie like this) by Pixar director Andrew Stanton (WALL-E, Finding Nemo), John Carter will open in March 2012.


Civil War vet John Carter is transplanted to Mars, where he discovers a lush, wildly diverse planet whose main inhabitants are 12-foot tall green barbarians. Finding himself a prisoner of these creatures, he escapes, only to encounter Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium, who is in desperate need of a savior.


First Teaser Trailer for Stop-Motion Adventure ParaNorman


Norman, a boy who is able to speak with the dead, will have to take on zombies, ghosts, witches and, worst of all, grown-ups, to save his town from a centuries-old curse.

[via Yahoo! Movies]


US Trailer for Hiromasa Yonebayashi’s The Secret World of Arrietty (Karigurashi no Arrietty)

Disney has released an US trailer for Hiromasa Yonebayashis The Secret World of Arrietty (The Borrower Arrietty/Karigurashi no Arrietty) at Apple featuring the voices of Bridgit Mendler, Amy Poehler, Carol Burnett, Will Arnett, David Henrie and Moises Arias. Arrietty will open in US theaters in February 2012.
For a quick comparison, check out the British trailer released from LoveFilm with a different dub cast back in June.

[via ComingSoon.net & Apple Movie Trailers]


US Poster for The Borrower Arrietty aka The Secret World of Arrietty

Disney has unveiled the poster art for the US theatrical opening of Hiromasa Yonebayashi’s The Borrower Arrietty (Karigurashi no Arrietty). Thanks to the new title The Secret World of Arrietty and those “realistic” shading filters, it makes the film look like some DTV production that the latest work from Studio Ghibli…

[via IMPAwards]


First Trailer for Joss Whedon’s The Avengers!

In Joss We Trust!

[via Apple Movies]


First Trailer for Edgar Allan Poe Thriller The Raven

After two very nice teaser posters, a first trailer for James McTeigue’s The Raven starring John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe finally found its way into the net.


When a mother and daughter are found brutally murdered in 19th century Baltimore, Detective Emmett Fields (Luke Evans) makes a startling discovery: the crime resembles a fictional murder described in gory detail in the local newspaper–part of a collection of stories penned by struggling writer and social pariah Edgar Allan Poe (John Cusack). But even as Poe is questioned by police, another grisly murder occurs, also inspired by a popular Poe story. Realizing a serial killer is on the loose using Poe’s writings as the backdrop for his bloody rampage, Fields enlists the author’s help in stopping the attacks. But when it appears someone close to Poe may become the murderer’s next victim, the stakes become even higher and the inventor of the detective story calls on his own powers of deduction to try to solve the case before it’s too late.

[via Trailer Addict]

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