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Neo Action Series: Japanese Trash Cinema comes in two’s

Today I came across Neo Action, a series of Japanese action flicks characterized by low budgets, short production time, insane ideas and sometimes an impressive usage of fake blood. In 2008 the Neo Action Double feature consisted of Hard Revenge, Milly and The Masked Girl. The former tells the story of a woman (Miki Mizuno) taking revenge for her murdered husband and child by a curious usage of weapons installed in her right leg. The Masked Girl deals with two school girls who gain super-human powers and save the world from an evil organization called Joker lead by a woman with funky hair.

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Starting in May, this year’s double feature will be shown in a selected Japanese cinemas and includes Seishiyuri Kishidan: Super Gore Girl starring AKB48 member Sayaka Akimoto and Goo, the Kung-Fusion Boy with Itsuji Itao. Except for the cast there’s only little information available for these two flicks, but at least there’s already a trailer for us to enjoy. And while the Kung-Fusion half looks kinda lame, the parts where Japanese schoolgirls are firing large-caliber guns kinda make up for that…

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[via Nippon Cinema]