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New Trailer for Production I.G Samurai Biopic Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai

The official website for Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai, the animated biopic about the famous samurai Miyamoto Musashi directed by Mizuho Nishikubo and scripted/concepted by Mamoru Oshii has been given a facelift and is also showing a new trailer. I’m not sure about that CG scenes with the strange old sensei, do you guys think they will be left in the final film when it opens in Japan on June 13th?

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Miike, Assassins, Flying Guillotines and One-Armed Swordsmen! Asian Remakes Galore!

I guess the remake virus created in Hollywood’s laboratory has finally caught up with Asia’s producers and directors. At least that’s the way it looks judging from the news reported in the last few days.

First, Japan’s exceptional director Takashi Miike has announced his remake of Eiichi Kudo’s classic Thirteen Assassins (Juusan-nin no Shikaku). The film tells the story of a group of assassins (I’ll let you guess how many…) on a suicide mission to kill the younger brother of a shogun who brutally raped and murdered a girl. Joined by producer Toshiaki Nakazawa (Departures, Sukiyaki Western Django), the shooting is supposed to start in July.
Here’s the trailer for the 1963 original [via Wildgrounds & Screen Daily]:

According to KFC Cinema, Dante Lam has also chosen a film from his home country and plans to remake the Shaw Bros. wuxia classic The Flying Guillotine for a summer 2010 release.

Another, not less classic, title from the Shaw Bros. studios will be recycled by Korean director Kim Sung-su (Musa, Running Wild). His reinterpretation of The One-Armed Swordsman will also hit the screens in 2010.

While I’d love to see more fresh AND good films from Asia, I do prefer this kind of “local reinterpretation” to the 08/15 remake tactic applied by Hollywood studios during the last few years to save audience from those nasty and eye straining subtitles. At least Miike should be able to bring some interesting ideas to his remake.


Amazingly Weird First Trailer for Yamagata Scream

Finally a real Trailer for Naoto Takenaka’s Japanese zomcom Yamagata Scream which, unlike the previously released teaser clips, actually shows some footage from the film! Thanks to lively school girls and undead samurai warriors I’m already in love…
As you can see, the film centers around a group of high school seniors on an involuntary field trip to a small village where they somehow awake a clan of samurai warriors who cowardly died while fleeing from a battle.

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Yamagata Scream opens August 1st in Japan.
[via Nippon Cinema]

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KarmaKula: Mystic Warrior: Martial-Arts webseries

KarmaKula: Mystic Warrior is a new, ten episodes long martial-arts webseries from the Ninjai Gang that is described as a mixture of spagetti western, chambara and samurai manga. The first two episodes The Ninjas and The Frog in the Well that show some nicely filmed landscape and two pretty good choreographed fight scenes are already available online on the IGN hosted website for the project.
However, the two first episodes also feature some dry monologues from the lone warrior who wanders through the wilderness. Another downer is the female opposer (Satya Bellord) that kinda looks like the main characters twin-brother… :?

[via Kung Fu Cinema]

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Subtitled Trailer for Oshii and Nishikubo’s Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai

Anime News Network is streaming a new, subtitled Trailer for Mamoru Oshii and Mizuho Nishikubo’s Miyamoto Musashi. While Oshii developed and wrote the script that tells us the life of the famous, real-life samurai Musashi, the movie is actually directed by Mizuho Nishikubo. Production I.G’s Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai will open in theaters across Japan in early summer 2009.

Thanks to Wildgrounds for the YouTube upload!

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Ai – Life in the Shadow of Death

The pretty nice short film Ai – Life in the Shadow of Death from ZAFFI Pictures is now available on serveral video sites in it’s full 13-minute glory. Here’s the official synopsis:

A young woman, haunted by the memories of her parents being murdered, discovers the truth about herself and her sensei. Inspired by the great tradition of Japanese cinema, Ai is an exploration of themes that stem from the era of the fearless warriors, the samurai.

[via Nerdcore]


Kurozuka: Amazing trailer for the Sci-Fi Samurai Anime

The sci-fi samurai anime Kurozuka from Studio Madhouse isn’t brand new per se (the last episode aired December 23, 2008), but Sony Picture took it’s sweet time to release a proper trailer (view the rather boring teaser here) for the upcoming DVD release in February. It shows some amazing footage of the samurai Yoshitsune (Kurō) who meets a mysterious woman whose sweet loving curses him with the gift of eternal life. Without memories of his former life, Kurō travels the evolving country searching for his one love while fighting zombie samurai, tanks and helicopters…

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The Japanese Kurozuka Vol. 1 DVD will be released on February 25th, a complete collection on Blu-ray Disc has been announced for May.
[via Anime Vice]