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Blood: The Last Vampire: Jeon Ji-hyun vs. Afro Disco Vampires?!

What the…?! Were these guys in the original 2000 anime? :?

150+ new stills from Blood: The Last Vampire are available over at the Jeon Ji-Hyun livejournal community.
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Bubblegum Crisis Live-Action Adaptation will be very international

Looks like the planned live-action adaptation of the Bubblegum Crisis anime will be a real international affair.
After Axxis from Singapore and the Japanese Anime International Company introduced the adaptation last year, four more companies (Australia’s Arclight Films, Wizzfilms from Canada, Infotainment China Media Company and the UK based Latec International) announced their cooperation in Cannes today. The wordwide release is planned for early 2012.
So far no names have been dropped for the director or cast, but according to the Hollywood Reporter the main cast will feature two male and four female leads. The female quartet will be played by two Asian and two Caucasian actresses.
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Blood: The Last Vampire US Poster

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Second US Trailer for Blood: The Last Vampire

ComingSoon.net has posted a second US Trailer for Chris Nahon’s live-action adaptation of Blood: The Last Vampire that shows a bunch of new scenes.

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More Jeon Ji-Hyun for your Desktop!

The Japanese Website for Blood: The Last Vampire (aka Last Blood) has been updated with eight wallpapers (up to 1600x1200px) of lovely Jeon Ji-Hyun that should keep your desktop Vampire-free…

Wallpaper: 12345678

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Sony Pictures will bring Blood: The Last Vampire to the US, celebrates with new Trailer

It’s been a while since Pathé Films acquired the European distribution rights for the Blood: The Last Vampire live-action adaptation and announced to bring the film into French and British theaters in June, while US fans could only watch in envy. But now, by opening the official US website Sony Pictures announced that they will bring Jeon Ji-Hyun as the katana-wielding vampire hunter Saya to US screens as well! There isn’t a release date know yet, but I guess this still counts as good news for you guys.
To celebrate the announcement, Sony has also released their own trailer which differs a bit from the already known UK version.

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Full Trailer for MW live-action adaptation

Just in time for the currently ongoing epidemic plague *caugh* a first full trailer for the live-action adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s classic manga MW has been released.
MW tells the story of the young banker Michio Yuki (Hiroshi Tamaki), who as a kid survived the outbreak of a virus called MW and the following cover-up operation by the military. However, his encounter with the virus wasn’t without consequences. It slowly drives him insane and makes him murder the people responsible for the outbreak. To complete his revenge he plans to unleash MW once more, but this time to wipe out the entire human race. The priest Yutaro Garai (Takayuki Yamada) is supposed to stop the catastrophe but seems to be more busy trying to save his own soul…

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Gaga Communications will bring MW to Japanese cinemas starting July 4, 2009.
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