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Laeta Kalogridis Talks Live-Action Ghost in the Shell

During a promotion event for Shutter Island, the colleagues from Screen Rant and MoviesOnline.ca had the chance to talk with script writer Laeta Kalogridis about the current status of her script for the Ghost in the Shell live-action adaptation:

Q: Is that a remake of the 1995 film or is that an adaptation of the earlier manga?
LK: “Ghost in the Shell” was originally the manga. The anime came from the original graphic novel and then — and that anime, as you know, is a relatively famous, groundbreaking piece of material — also generated two seasons of an animated television show as well. And this is an adaptation of the original manga, the original comic book that sort of began everything.

Kalogridis told me that the script for Ghost In The Shell will be drawn from Masamune’s manga comic and that it has “a lot of action… lots of action.” However, she then added, “there’s still going to be a lot of atmosphere – [The movie] is about vast possibilities – all of this technology, the Internet – it’s about the limitless possibilities of this technology.”
Screen Rant

Putting aside the usal reserverations against Hollywood adaptations, I’m glad they decided to use Masamune Shirow’s original manga as a source as it includes some great plot points that haven’t been touched in Mamoru Oshii’s 1995 film and only found some mentioning in the Stand Alone Complex seasons.
[via ANN]


Zombrex Dead Rising Sun: Trailer for Live-Action Dead Rising

One should expect that Japanese game studio Capcom would spend some more money to bring its bloody zombie hunt Dead Rising into the world of live-action films, but the first trailer for Zombrex Dead Rising Sun (Shibyō Osen Dead Rising) that’s based on the second game of the series proves us wrong. It has the gore and guts to satisfy the gore hounds, but looks like it’s missing all the irony and fun from the first game and other Japanese genre films we’ve seen in the last few moons. I guess this is also the reason why Keiji Inafune’s directorial debut will only be available on the net and the Xbox360 live network sometimes in 2010.

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First Teaser Trailer for Live-Action BECK

The Japanese website for the live-action adaptation of Harold Sakuishi’s BECK coming-of-age-and-rocking-the-world manga has been updated with a first teaser trailer showing Hiro Mizushima, Takeru Satoh, Kenta Kiritani, Aoi Nakamura and Osamu Mukai as the members of the band. The adaptation is directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi (20th Century Boys) and is supposed to open in Japan in Fall 2010.
I stopped watching the anime adaptation after a few episodes because of too much angsty/driveless teens, so what do people who know the original manga and animation have say about this first footage?

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[via ANN & Eiga.com]


Manga Entertainment UK to release Kamui Gaiden and Summer Wars on DVD and Blu-ray Disc [Update]

Manga Entertainment UK has made some very interesting announcement via the label’s official Twitter account. In the first place, Yoichi Sai’s Kamui Gaiden is supposed to be released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in the UK this Summer. The live-action adaptation of the anime classic Ninpu Kamui Gaiden opened in Japan in September 2009 and will be released there on DVD and Blu-ray Disc (without English subtitles of course) in February.
And just a few hours ago, it was also announced that Mamoru Hosoda and Satoko Okudera’s hit anime Summer Wars will be released in September in the UK on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, just six month after the subtitle-less Japanese DVD and Blu-ray Disc release from VAP.
Talking about Mamoru Hosoda and Satoko Okudera, I also asked @MangaUK about the often announced and delayed Blu-ray Disc of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time but I didn’t receive an answer yet…
[06.01.10] Update: Jerome Mazandarani, Manga Entertainment UK’s acquisitions & marketing manager has stated in the Twitch comment section (why not here when the AHT is mentioned as the source?) that Summer Wars will (hopefully) get a limited theatrical release in the UK in September followed by a DVD and Blu-ray Disc release later in 2010. Thanks to Ard for the heads up!


Mamoru Oshii to bring Tetsujin 28 (aka Gigantor) to Life (Giant Robot Live-Action That Is!)

Seems like director Mamoru Oshii has regained his love for live-action during his work on his latest film Assault Girls. According to ANN, director of titles Ghost in the Shell, The Sky Crawlers and Avalon revealed in Tokyo during a press conference for Assault Girls that his next film will be a live-action adaptation of Mitsuteru Yokoyama’s classic manga Tetsujin 28 (aka Gigantor).
Imagi Studios are currently working on a CG anime adaptation of the manga named T28, which will (according to IMDb) open in theaters in 2011. Oshii didn’t mention any dates in his announcement, but since he already directed a stage play version of Tetsujin 28-gō featuring a 500kg replica of the giant robot in January I guess we won’t have to wait too long.


Trailer for The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Live-Action Adaptation

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Synopsis via Nippon Cinema:

The film stars Riisa Naka as Akari, the 18-year-old daughter of the protagonist of the original novel, Kazuko Yoshiyama (played by Narumi Yasuda). When Kazuko is injured in a car accident and falls into a coma, Akari leaps back in time to the 70s to seek out her mother’s first love, Kazuo Fukamachi. Instead, she meets a college student named Ryota (Akiyoshi Nakao) who helps her with her search.

[via Nippon Cinema]


Full Synopsis and Poster for Mamoru Oshii’s Assault Girls

Twitch’s Todd has posted a first (?) poster artwork and a full synopsis for Mamoru Oshii’s Assault Girls that will open in Japan on December 19th.

The story takes place in an in-game virtual space called “Avalon”, a barren desert-like battlefield, resembling a devastated world after a nuclear war. “Avalon” is a world full of gigantic monsters. It is a fictional world where an endless “hunt”, known as “play”, repeatedly takes place. The drama centers around a sniper who pilots a camouflage fighter plane; a sorcerer who can freely transform herself; a woman fighter equipped with an assault rifle on a horseback; and a large-framed man equipped with an anti-tank rifle. There is also the “Game Master” who watches the players from the air.

In a world where giant Sunakujira (Sand Whales) monsters crawl the earth, storming battleships fly high up in the sky, and assault rifle muzzle flashes go off everywhere, can anyone shoot down the mutant monster, Madara Sunakujira (Spotted Sand Whale)? If so, who?!