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US Trailer for Jackie Chan and Li Zhang’s 1911 (Revolution)

US Trailer for Jackie Chan and Li Zhang’s 1911 (aka Xinhai Revolution) opening October 7th in the US. Well Go USA will later release the drama starring Jackie Chan, his son Jaycee Chan, Bingbing Li and Winston Chao on DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

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At the beginning of the 20th century, China is in a state of crisis. The country is split into warring factions, the citizens are starving, and recent political reforms have made matters worse, not better. The ruling Qing Dynasty, led by a seven-year-old emperor and his ruthless mother, Empress Dowager Longyu (Joan Chen), is completely out of touch after 250 years of unquestioned power. With ordinary citizens beginning to revolt openly, the Qing Dynasty has created a powerful, modern army (the “New Army”) to quash any rebellion. But weapons are expensive, and desperate for cash, the Qing leaders are trading anything they can get their hands on with foreign countries… and selling China

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First Teaser Trailer for Jackie Chan’s 1911


A historical drama based on the founding of the Republic of China when nationalist forces led by Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Qing Dynasty.

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Full Trailer for Wuxia-Comedy Tracing Shadow

The folks from KFC Cinema have located the full trailer for Francis Ng’s Tracing Shadow (formerly Chasing The Shadow). Don’t let the first 30 seconds of nice wuxia footage fool you, you’ll look just like Jaycee Chan in the shot below when the Chinese comedy kicks in…

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Synopsis via 24fps:

It is the Ming Dynasty and Chaos reigns. There are many Kung-fu masters from different regions that are fighting ruthlessly for a mysterious treasure map hidden inside the Ming palace. Amidst such combat, the map unexpectedly disappeared. Five of the Kung-fu masters trace the map’s location to a small village and there they disguise themselves as ‘ordinary’ people among the villagers in hope of finding the map. Among them are a Mongolian Warrior and a Japanese Ninja, posing as a married couple in the village. On the surface, the five masters are friendly loving neighbours however they are actually very cunning and competitive trying to outdo each other to be the first to locate the map. One day their wealthy landlord reveals that he possesses the map which sparks an explosive chain of events in this once small and ordinary village.


Chasing The Shadows: Trailer zur Martial-Arts Komödie

Die Jungs von KFC Cinema und Wildgrounds haben den ersten Teaser Trailer zu Chasing The Shadows (Zhui Ying) aufgetrieben. Anders als es die ersten bewegten Bilder vermuten lassen, handelt es sich dabei leider um keine reine Wuxia Show, sondern um eine Komödie mit Martial-Arts Einlagen in der Jaycee Chan die Hauptrolle als reisender Kung-Fu Meister übernimmt. Laut Pressemeldungen und Regisseur Francis Ng (eigentlich eher als Schauspieler bekannt) soll der Film eine unterhaltsame Homage an die Klassiker aus den Shaw Studios werden, mal schauen ob das auch so klappt wenn der Film im Sommer in China startet.

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