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More Cheesiness in the new Trailer for Future X-Cops

Oh boy! Judging from this new (official) trailer, it looks like Jing Wong added some more ingredients to his fail cocktail Future X-Cops other than just bad cg effects: silly comic relief scenes, some cheesy romance and last but not least some cute kid in a supporting role.

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Andy Lau goes Cyborg! Trailer for Future X-Cops

braaaahahahahaha, what the hell is this? I didn’t know that Capcom has sold the rights for a Mega Man live-action adaptation to China so Andy Lau can turn into a cyborg to fight other cyborgs who killed his girlfriend using bad cg effects!
According to the short synopsis at IMDb, Jing Wong’s Future X-Cops (Mei loi ging chaat) is about Lau protecting a scientist whose revolutionary technologies would threaten the profits of the evil oil companies who decide to send those cyborgs to kill him.
But I think this is one of those films (like Metallic Attraction) to show the rest of the world that not only Hollywood can produce overblown effect films where the audience is better off leaving their brain at the ticket counter.

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Future X-Cops will open on December 20th.
[via Wu-Jing.org & Sina]