Porco Rosso: Coming to Blu-ray Disc in July!

Hayao Miyazaki fans rejoice! After several months without any new Blu-ray Disc announcements from Studio Ghibli AV Watch now reports that Miyazaki’s 1992 Porco Rosso will get a high resolution release in Japan on July 17th. Next to other languages the disc will include English subtitles and English audio. Check out the Asian Blu-ray Guide listing for more details.
Now what about Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, huh?


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2 comments for “Porco Rosso: Coming to Blu-ray Disc in July!”

  1. 10. April 2013 | 20:18 Uhr
    Big Bad Wolf
    “Diese besagt, daß Hayao Miyazakis schweiniges Fliegerabenteuer Porco Rosso am 17. Juli erscheinen wird.”

    Du meinst sicher fliegendes Schweineabenteuer, oder? ^^ :grin: :cool:

  2. 13. April 2013 | 17:43 Uhr
    Porco Rosso ist wirklich einer meiner Lieblingsfilme von Miyazaki.
    Auf jedenfall in den Top 3. :-)