Korea goes Superhero with Hong Kil-dong’s Descendents

With the action comedy Hong Kil-dong’s Descendents, director Yong-ki Jeong (Once Upon a Time) takes on the masked (super) hero genre that has been ignored by South Korea’s film makers for quite some time now. Beom-su Lee plays an inconspicuous high school teacher who follows the trait of his ancestor, the legendary Robin Hood like hero Hong Kil-dong by committing spectacular break-ins at night. His nemesis (Su-ro Kim) is a cold blooded businessman who gains more and more power by bribing politicians. Si-yeong Lee (Ogamdo) acts as eye candy and the potential love interest.

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Hong Kil-dong’s Descendents will open on November 26th across South Korea.
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One comment for “Korea goes Superhero with Hong Kil-dong’s Descendents”

  1. 14. Oktober 2009 | 15:36 Uhr
    Sieht abgedreht aus und Si-yeong Lee sieht l-) aus.