At the End of Daybreak Trailer

Beautiful first trailer for the Malaysian drama At the End of Daybreak from director Yuhang Ho that’s currently being screened (like most of this years interesting films) on the Locarno International Film Festival.

Malaysia, now. The 23-year-old Tuck Chai is dating Ying, a schoolgirl who isn’t yet 16. They probably met in an internet chatroom. Their parents know nothing about the illicit relationship…until Ying’s mother and father find birth-control pills in her room. That’s when their worlds start to shatter.

Tuck Chai lives with his mother, a woman who has never got over her husband abandoning her and moving in with her richer sister instead. Tuck Chai’s mother drinks too much, and doesn’t look after herself too well. But she would do anything for Tuck Chai. Anything at all. When Ying’s parents want to report Tuck Chai to the police (he will be charged with statutory rape for having sex with a minor), Tuck Chai’s mother pleads with them to settle out of court for cash compensation instead. They agree, and Tuck Chai’s mother demeans herself by turning to her ex-husband for a loan.

After receiving the money, Ying’s selfish parents decide that they want to go to the police regardless. Events become a blur. Ying tricks her parents and goes for a fateful meeting with Tuck Chai. The tensions between Tuck Chai and his mother become explosive. Before long, several lives are ruined and the police are involved after all…

[via AsianWorld]


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9 comments for “At the End of Daybreak Trailer”

  1. 15. August 2009 | 13:54 Uhr
    Peter von Frosta
    So sad :cry:

  2. 15. August 2009 | 16:43 Uhr
    Gefällt mir sehr gut l-)
    Eine schöne Mischung, wie nur ganz zu Beginn ein Satz gesprochen und der Rest von Musik getragen wird.
    Weiss jemand zufällig wie das Leid heisst?

  3. 15. August 2009 | 17:31 Uhr

    Weiss jemand zufällig wie das Lied heisst?

    Würde mich auch stark interessieren.

  4. 15. August 2009 | 23:46 Uhr
    Den Titel des Liedes kenne ich leider auch nicht. Aber der Trailer gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut.

    Hoffe der Film hält was dieser verspricht.

  5. 16. August 2009 | 00:29 Uhr
    Long Mai
    das lied heißt 暗湧/Undercurrent von Faye Wong

  6. 16. August 2009 | 12:09 Uhr
    Long Mai:

    das lied heißt 暗湧/Undercurrent von Faye Wong

    Danke! :D

  7. 17. August 2009 | 11:21 Uhr
    Super Long Mai
    Danke, passt nicht nur gut zum Trailer ^^

  8. 18. August 2009 | 11:34 Uhr
    die beschreibung klingt spannend
    den film muss ich mir merken

  9. 09. Januar 2010 | 01:17 Uhr
    That better have been a FAKE rat that I saw being tortured in the trailer. How horrible and cruel. People are SICK!