Yakuza Hunter: AV Idols vs. Japanese Mafia

I don’t know how many visitors asked me about the film these two header backgrounds come from, but until today I could only tell them the title Yakuza Hunter and refer them to The Vault, an amazing archive full of scans and photos of asian movie promotion stuff. But thanks to Nippon Cinema I can now tell them that Yakuza Hunter is a 17-minutes long short by the directors Kazufumi Nakahira and Shinichi Okuda and is (so far) only available on a special DVD called Yakuza Niju-Sanku (893239). The main cast consists of the Japanse AV stars Asami, Porsche Okite und Sakichi Sato. Here’s the trailer for the short:

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Asami also posted on her personal blog that the filming for a theatrical version of Yakuza Hunter has begun and tells us that there are planning to make two more parts! Yaaaaaay!
[via @nipponcinema]


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3 comments for “Yakuza Hunter: AV Idols vs. Japanese Mafia”

  1. 17. April 2009 | 18:54 Uhr
    Big Bad Wolf
    Porsche Okite??? :-o

    Kommt gleich auf die Liste der geilsten Asia-Künstlernamen, aber da stehen bisher bei mir nur Chinesen…

    -Batman Hung
    -Brandy Yuen
    -Convoy Chan
    -Heineken (!) Chung
    -Pinky Cheung
    – Lili Li li-li
    -Jet Li…
    -und natürlich Noodle Cheng (früherer Name von Ekin “Prinz Valium” Cheng)

  2. 17. April 2009 | 23:08 Uhr
    wieso bietet ihr keine embed funktion für die einzelnen trailer an?

  3. 18. April 2009 | 00:00 Uhr
    Ping Pimpaporn Leenutpong bitte nicht vergessen! ;)

    “Unsere” Bandbreite ist leider recht begrenzt und wäre schnell weg wenn sich ein größeres Blog das Video schnappen würde, sorry. :(