Leaked Theatrical Trailer for Chan-wook Park’s THIRST

While snooping around the official Korean website for Chan-wook Park’s vampire drama Thirst, I stumbled upon the (so far) unreleased theatrical trailer that’s labeled as “coming soon” in the sites’ video section.
The two minutes long trailer mainly features scenes between Song Kang-ho and Kim Ok-bin, sadly without English subtitles. Strangely, the scenes that were removed/replaced in the Korean version of the teaser trailer are fully intact in this trailer, even though it’s probably been produced for the sensitive Korean market.

Sorry folks, the video has been removed at the request of the copyright holder. An official version is supposed to be released at the end of the week. now online!

According to the trailer, Thirst will open in South Korea on April 30, 2009, even though it was supposed to premiere during this years Cannes film festival which will be held from May 13 to May 24.


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6 comments for “Leaked Theatrical Trailer for Chan-wook Park’s THIRST”

  1. 05. April 2009 | 17:32 Uhr
    Mister Dellmeier
    Joa, sieht immer noch interessant aus. Mal abwarten was dann alles im Film zu sehen sein wird. x)

  2. 05. April 2009 | 17:34 Uhr
    smells like world first :D

  3. 06. April 2009 | 04:08 Uhr

  4. 06. April 2009 | 19:57 Uhr
    ooooch … bin mal wieder zu spät :cry:

  5. 06. April 2009 | 23:13 Uhr
    “Don’t mess with the Germans, they’re a clever bunch. Case in point, the fine lads at AHT…” fand ich großartig :D

  6. […] der Trailer zu Chan-wook Park Thirst letzten Sonntag durch ominöse Quellen (sprich: mich) vorzeitig ins Netz gelangt ist und nach einigen hin und her auch wieder verschwinden musste, gibt es nun die hochoffizielle […]