Alternative/Censored Korean Teaser Trailer for Chan-wook Park’s Thirst

The Korean website for Chan-wook Park’s vampire thriller Thirst opened launched a few day ago and is currently only presenting the already known first teaser trailer…or does it?!

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In a direct comparison a few slight differences between both versions stand out. While the international version shows how the (apparently) departed priest gets a cross ‘painted’ on his cold hand, a crucifix with a mummified Jesus can be seen in the Korean version. Song Kang-ho’s “lunch” has been replaced with a slighty less bloody variant. The Korean version also replaces the short sex scene between Song Kang-ho and Kim Ok-bin with some non-objectionable cuddling and just the beginning of a kiss. Guess these scenes had to be changed for the same reasons that the original poster artwork had to be castrated for.

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