Kurzfilm Paths of Hate komplett online

Das Team vom italienischen Imaginaria Filmfestival hat den zehnminütigen Animationsfilm Paths of Hate des polnischen Regisseur Damian Nenow online gestellt. Leider nicht in HD wie der grandiose Trailer, aber immerhin…


A grey clouded sky is the setting for an ultimate combat. Two planes cut through the winter air, fly in breathtaking high-speed, reckless maneuvers above the snow- covered mountains and icy lakes. Two pilots, driven by blind fury, chase each other and thereby write cryptic messages of madness into the firmament. The eyes of the terrible rivals reflect unquestioning hate. They are ready to cross all limits of aggression. On their way into the abyss they transform into inhuman and distorted creatures, that finally become part of the history of hate.
The dimension of fighting is irrelevant, as well as the ideology behind it. It does not matter whether two people are involved or millions. What remains are only scars – bloody traces, paths of hate.

[via Catsuka]

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6 Kommentare zu “Kurzfilm Paths of Hate komplett online”

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  3. 10. Oktober 2011 | 14:43 Uhr
    Funktioniert leider auch mit Anmeldung nicht. :sad:

  4. 11. Oktober 2011 | 02:08 Uhr
    marc aussure
    hey how do i watch the full version cant find it anywhere and the video you linked is set to private…

  5. 11. Oktober 2011 | 09:53 Uhr
    Looks like they took it down… :(

  6. 17. Oktober 2011 | 11:17 Uhr