Hell hath no fury like a lady scorned….

Juhu, Twitchfilm meldet übersetzte freudige Nachricht von Film2.0 zum Thema “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance” DVD Veröffentlichung.

“[…] both versions of the film will be available in the two discs set: the full colour version, and the one which will gradually turn into black and white. Extra features look quite juicy as well. There will be three separate commentary tracks: one with director Park Chan-Wook, DP Jung Jung-Hoon and production designer Jo Hwa-Sung; another will feature Park and star Lee Young-Ae, and a final one will be a solo commentary by Film2.0’s Kim Young-Jin. They also said that they plan to record a commentary with foreign critics, although no more details were announced about that. The commentary recording started today in Shinsa-Dong, and after that marketing will begin.

Extra features? 2 and a half hours worth, entitled ‘Revenge and Mercy’. They will feature interviews with director, cast and crew, an extensive making of documentary and deleted scenes. They’ll also add a short film of about 10-20 minutes, featuring young people who desire to become film directors.

Audio will be DD5.1 and DTS, with English and Korean subtitles. And even more important, considering the current state the Korean DVD market is in, Park (who’s a big DVD aficionado) announced the price will be in line with other releases, and they won’t repeat the 올드보이 (Oldboy) UE debacle. So no SE, LE, UE, FE.. but just this, and the boxset including the entire trilogy, which will release early next year.

Quelle: Twitchfilm.net
Erscheinen soll die DVD Mitte Dezember…ich freu mich drauf, auch wenns keine Glitzerpappen LE geben wird! :in_love:

UPDATE: cd-wow hat inzwischen die HK Scheibe gelistet, Erscheinungstermin ist der 8. Dezember.

:music: Jo Young-Wook – 마녀 이금자 [Sympathy for Lady Vengeance Soundtrack]

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  1. 08. November 2005 | 18:14 Uhr
    and the boxset including the entire trilogy, which will release early next year.

    my precious ….

    darauf hab ich gewartet :)